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Ed McLaren photoWelcome to my blog!  You are welcome to participate.   It is my intent to start this blog as a way to help aid the modern dentist/dental technician or other dental professional to have a resource to go to for asking relevant Esthetic Dentistry questions.

How can you ask me a blog question? 
“Easy!  First check the FAQs tab above in the main menu–it’s all explained there. “

Bear in mind, that because of my very busy schedule, I will try to answer questions 1-2 times/month–so please be patient and don’t feel slighted if I cannot answer every question. I deeply apologize in advance if you take a lot of your precious time to ask me a question and I don’t find the time to answer it. If I receive a lot of questions about the topic, I may hold it in queue–to be answered at a future date. I will moderate and screen each question or possibly bring in a moderator to help sort things out, but at the moment I’m personally reading all of your questions.

There is little content on my blog at the moment, because it is brand new for Sept 2014.  I welcome you to jump in on the ground floor and help me get it off the ground! Please send in your questions and comments and subscribe to my newsletter.


Ed McLaren DDS MDC

Dr. Ed McLaren @ UCLA with his Esthetic Team

A place to ask questions and have them answered in this forum.