Question: What is the purpose of this blog?
Answer:  Simply, to offer subscribers of my blog an opportunity to ask me professional dental questions and receive answers in this semi-public forum.  Please subscribe to my newsletter, by clicking the “subscribe” button, to keep updated on news, new articles and future events.

Question: Where can I ask technical “dental-related” blog questions?
Answer:   Simply, click the “ASK A QUESTION” button on the main menu. You don’t need to be logged in to ask a question, but you do need to create a “free” account to access the answers.  The answers will be placed in the appropriate category (see “Category” menu on left).  If you create an account and log in, you will be able to view all of the categories with corresponding questions & answers. Then you may ask more questions there, which is the preferred method, because you can just interact with the blog there, as opposed to submitting the “ask a question” form.

Question:  I still don’t understand how to post a question under ‘Categories”?  Can you please explain in more detail?
Answer: Sure.  After registering, and completing the signup process for this blog, you’re all set.  First select a category located in the left-hand side drop-down menu–and that category page selected will appear.   If your question does not fit any category, please select “uncategorized” from the same menu.  At the bottom of “that” page, you can post your question, where I will review it and answer – time permitting, of course.
If you do not see the comment or answer area on “that” page. you may need to click on the “LEAVE A COMMENT” or “Continue reading ” links there, to open the desired area.
Unfortunately, all questions cannot be selected for blog publication.  If your question is selected, the answer will be posted in the appropriate category.  Select the “subscribe” check-box before submitting, to be notified of a reply.

 Question: I think my question did not go through. What can I do?  
Answer: If that’s the case, there is a chance that our anti-spam filter flagged your email as spam and it didn’t arrive. Please do not include links and words that are likely to cause your email to be flagged.  In other words, keep it simple and retry.

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